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Antique Alley Texas! Cleburne, Maypearl, Grandview, Sand Flat and Alvarado too!
April 17-19, 2015 is the next show date. Antique Alley Texas is always held on the third Friday, Saturday & Sunday every April and September. The show is advertised from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Rain or shine, we'll have a show!

This event spans many communities. The towns of Grandview, Maypearl, Sand Flat and Cleburne have set the pace for a great fleamarket-style festival with folks up and down the trail hosting sales. Alvarado had their first show this September. There are professional dealers offering all kinds of merchandise set up right alongside crafters, artists, antiquers and junkers.

Notes for "FIRST TIMERS":

Hwy 4 (S) has many shows scattered up and down the highway that have been participating since 1999 and some host 150+ vendors. Burd's Nest Show and Faith Meadows are the flagship venues set in between scores of other, smaller shows. One of the shows on Hwy 4 near Cleburne is highly selective, offering only artists and antiques dealers. It is difficult to see the whole thing in just one day. FM 916 (between Maypearl and Grandview) has the Legendary Alpaca Farm show which is great for the kids, too.

There are usually lots of yard sales scattered through out several communities in and surrounding Antique Alley. Visit the LOCAL INFO and ABOUT US links to learn even more.

As you drive between towns, you will see shows scattered about - they are not 'solid', so keep driving! Do NOT park on the highway. If a landowner does not offer safe parking in their pasture, don't stop! Drive safe! Traffic will be heavy; especially on HWY 4 (S). Be kind; be friendly. If you see someone pull onto the shoulder to creep past waiting traffic, it could be a resident trying to get to their mailbox and up to their driveway! It will be 'slow-going' on the way to certain shopping venues. DPS troopers give tickets for parking on the shoulder of the highway.
Antique Alley Texas - Miles of Shopping & Sales GALORE!
Some show ORGANIZERS ADVERTISE HERE, but not all. Are you looking to promote your Antique Alley event? Contact us! For a nominal fee, you can get listed here. Looking to reserve a space? Visit the CONTACT US link to see what shows are booking vendors. Visit the VENDOR link to see the dealers advertising on the website. Most food sales are highly regulated. For example, most show promoters prefer only one kettle corn vendor, one turkey leg vendor, one hamburger, one BBQ brisket, etc. within their venue.

Classic cars, antique tractors and home made ice cream define the Antique Alley experience! This is treaure hunting at its best!! Click on the Accommodations link and let Trip Advisor show you where the best places are to stay!

Folks, we don't text, no twitter/tweets; just old fashioned email and telephones. Click on the Contact Us page to send an inquiry.


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