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About Us

Antique Alley Texas was born in 1999 through the efforts of several local individuals and business owners. Several members of the Grandview & Cleburne community brain stormed together and dreamed about creating something unique in order to showcase their businesses and to boost the local economy. There is not just one town or person "in charge". Inquiries can be made to the city governments and chambers of commerce for the area of the show that interests you. Some but not all individual show promoters are listed in the "Contact Us" link on this website. 

VERY IMPORTANT! Be safe! There is absolutely NO PARKING on the highway. In order to ensure the safety of all pedestrians, the Texas Highway Patrol will issue tickets to anyone parked on the shoulder of the highway. Local landowners provide convenient parking in their pastures. If you see a yard sale where no "off-road" parking is provided, DO NOT STOP THERE!

Antique Alley Texas currently spans several communities from Johnson and Ellis Counties. The City Governments and business associations from participating  communities support Antique Alley Texas. This event is an attractive choice for a relaxing weekend in the country. It's proximity to Dallas/Ft. Worth is a bonus for the family looking for a fun event without having to worry about lengthy travel time.


For questions or comments please email: info@antiquealleytexas.com

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