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We are a unique band of individuals, small local business owners, private land owners and families in Johnson & Ellis counties who host sales and shows on a bi-annual, set schedule. There is not just one town or person "in charge" of the great Antique Alley Texas Adventure. 
Participants are all volunteer. The content in this website is provided by downtown Grandview AAT show organizers, Lisa Hill and Nita Redmon.

Inquiries can be made to the city governments and chambers of commerce for the area of the AAT Festival that interests you. Some but not all individual show promoters are listed in the "Contact Us" link on this website.

Fees to be listed on this website are nominal and are utilized toward advertising in many forms of media. To highlight your shopping venue, get on our "Contact Us" page! For even more exposure, get your show photos and description of your show added to our Vendor link! Fees are: Contact Us - $100.00 per YEAR. Vendor listing - $60.00 per YEAR (both billed annually). An additional advantage to advertising on is periodic blasts, photos and more on Facebook/AntiqueAlleyTexas. Like us on Facebook! 

The Antique Alley Texas festival is advertised through fees collected from food vendors and dealer space rentals. Any participating business or individual profiting from this event should consider helping to advertise the show. Many people coordinate efforts to promote the entire scope of Antique Alley Texas. If you want to help promote the AAT Festival, but don't want to be included in the group on this website, you might consider running your own Ads. Ads are expensive but that's what brings people to our event. Your contribution can be to put the word out about your show via advertisement in a magazine, weekend guide of the newspaper, local t.v. channels/community calendars and online. 

VERY IMPORTANT! Be safe! There is absolutely NO PARKING on the highway. In order to ensure the safety of all pedestrians, the Texas Highway Patrol will issue tickets to anyone parked on the shoulder of the highway. Local landowners provide convenient parking in their pastures. If you see a yard sale where no "off-road" parking is provided, DO NOT STOP THERE!

Antique Alley Texas currently spans several communities from Johnson & Ellis Counties. The City Governments and business associations from participating  communities support Antique Alley Texas. This event is an attractive choice for a relaxing weekend in the country. North Central Texas families can enjoy this fun adventure without having to worry about lengthy travel time. Family friendly; something for everyone to enjoy!


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