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About Us

Antique Alley Texas was born in 1999 through the efforts of several local individuals and business owners. Certain members of our community brain stormed together and dreamed about creating something unique in order to showcase their businesses and to boost the local economy. Antique Alley Texas is home to a whole bunch of friendly folks including a few very "colorful" characters.

There are many small business owners and retailers who welcome visitors twice per year to enjoy Antique Alley but then there are a few grumps that complain about the traffic - go figure! The show has evolved from downtown sidewalk sales and scattered pasture sales to a multi-faceted festival style event spanning the communities of Grandview, Alvarado, Sand Flat, Maypearl, Cleburne and now Venus has joined the game!. There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Local families offer homemade ice cream and homemade pastries, cookies, relishes and jams. Up and down the road are plenty of other festival style foods available with choices ranging from sweet yet salty kettle corn, Tex-Mex nachos & Frito pie, hot dogs, snow cones, BBQ, sausage-on-a-stick, smoked turkey legs, roasted corn, funnel cakes and more!

If you prefer to sit down and rest your barking dogs (that's slang for tired feet) for a while, then check out the local cafes and restaurants. There are several to choose from. Are you a "foodie"? Check out the flagship of Grandview - Burgundy Pasture Fed Beef. Click on the Vendor Link to learn more.

Every show shapes up differently and there is always lots of shopping and fun for everyone in the family. During Antique Alley, somewhere along the way, you might run across an antique tractor show or classic car collection on display! It is simply not possible to see everything in one day - so make it a weekend adventure! Start early, and wear your comfortable walking shoes!

VERY IMPORTANT! Be safe! There is absolutely NO PARKING on the highway. In order to ensure the safety of all pedestrians, the Texas Highway Patrol will issue tickets to anyone parked on the shoulder of the highway. Local landowners provide convenient parking in their pastures. If you see a yard sale where no "off-road" parking is provided, DO NOT STOP THERE!

The show keeps growing bigger and better every year! Antique Alley currently spans the communities from Johnson, and Ellis Counties. There are participating communities rich in history and scenic views.  The City Governments and business associations from these  communities support Antique Alley Texas. This event is an attractive choice for a relaxing weekend in the country. It's proximity to Dallas/Ft. Worth is a bonus for the family looking for a fun event without having to worry about lengthy travel time.

The heart of the Antique Alley trail is less than an hour's drive from the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex south of Fort Worth on I-35W. We are proud to offer an eclectic mix of items to browse and things to do. Western collectibles, ceramics, glassware, furniture, wire & stained glass art, automobile memorabilia, advertising collectibles, vintage hats & clothing, old metal lawn furniture, miscellaneous ephemera and turn of the century photos, plus lots of junk and yard sale stuff are just a few of the items you will find.

It takes the entire weekend to treasure hunt the entire venue. Click on the Accommodations link to book a stay during Antique Alley.

For questions or comments please email: info@antiquealleytexas.com

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