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Antique Alley
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How to Get to 30+ Miles of Shopping!
,Antique Alley currently runs 30+ miles spanning communities from Johnson and Ellis Counties from FM 916 to FM 4 -  Grandview, Sand Flat, Maypearl, Alvarado and Cleburne. Be advised FM 916 changes into FM 66 as you cross into Ellis County headed toward Maypearl from Grandview. As you travel along FM 4, in particular, you can't miss all of the shopping opportunities. There are 30+ miles of vendors - whether in downtown shops or in the private fields of landowners. Downtown Cleburne is scattered. You never know until you arrive what can be found there. Caddo Street usually has a lot of vendors set up just south of the Court House. Be prepared to start out early and spend the entire day shopping while you search for that unique piece, or find something you didn't even know you wanted!  There is plenty for everyone of all ages!

For questions or comments please email: info@antiquealleytexas.com

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