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Brand New! Weezer Weighs In
Dec 17th, 2017


Downtown Maypearl, Venus, Alvarado & Cleburne have got it going on, now! They continue to build & grow each year.

Cleburne is the county seat for Johnson County. They are considered the BIG BROTHER in our family of of Antique Alley Texas communities! The downtown shops are working hard, planning a great spring 2018 event!

To learn more, visit Facebook and search Bus Depot Antiques, Heritage Home - Vintage Inspired Living, Red Horse Antique Mall, Bennett's Office Supply & Equipment of Cleburne, Salvage 77, Anglin Rose Show and we know we must be forgetting many who add value to Antique Alley Texas! Our coalition gains strength every year.

The FAMOUS, FABULOUS 4TH Street AAT/Grandview show closed. Not because they didn't have an EXCELLENT SHOW! But because they are successful folks. We hear they bought land out in the country and are having a house built. AAT festival goers loss, but their GAIN! We will miss the eclectic, crazy-fun 4th Street show! Who will step up to offer a crawfish boil along side a shop-a-holic's- bargain hunter's delight in their place?

To note: THE FOUNDERS of Grandview show organizers (Lisa & Nita) have scooted Nita's show over "a little ways" on to private property still in the downtown area!

Their fabulous location has been dubbed: ANTIQUE ALLEY JUNCTION!

Why? Because it IS the "JUNCTION OF ANTIQUE ALLEY", in the very heart of AA Texas and walking distance from that FAMOUS little antique shop, Pop & Gran's Antiques and More!

The view in Grandview is very different with no vendors lining the streets. However, even though it doesn't look as festive as Grandview once did, it truly is BETTER that the vendors have been reorganized off of a state highway (Criner Street is also Farm-to-Market Road 916). It is still very festive in Grandview, just in a different way! The small business owners WELCOME you to shop our unique stores and stroll over to Antique Alley Junction - also known as "Founder's Field"! Yummy! Imagine the smell of Hillbilly Sisters Kettle Korn!

Deb from the Tropical Shaved Ice Hut Antique Alley show has found a new life-adventure. She's moved away and sold her business. We wish the new proprietors the very best! We're fairly confident there will be more newcomers added to the upcoming show! We will keep you posted as we learn more.

The entire show looks very different from years past. Some new start-up shows were not successful but maybe they will regroup and try it again (the location in downtown Cleburne - Farmer's Market on Main Street) is an excellent venue. We hope another group will embrace the opportunity to organize a show there or even consider the beautiful, spacious Cleburne Conference Center which has LOTS OF PARKING available. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

The small towns/communities here in Johnson & Ellis county keep plugging away and what we've learned so far, is that working together to promote tourism in our communities WORKS!

Best wishes for a safe & prosperous spring AAT festival!

Oh! One LAST THING: we don't know what's going on unless you tell us. Send us your photos and news! We might make you FAMOUS. Email!


Lisa Kay
a.k.a. "Weezer"

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