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Community Opportunities, (Keene) Hand Made Wood Decor

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You'll find us next to the Hillbilly Kettle Korn Sisters in "Founders Field" - Antique Alley Junction - downtown Grandview.

Business Information
113 E. Walnut
Keene, Texas 76059
Business: 817.774.6830                      Fax:
Point of Contact: Kim or Stella

Our group makes hand crafted wood products.

Founded in 1995—and received our 501c3 status on October 31st, 1997, COI has been helping families advance the skills, education and community involvement of those we serve for almost 20 years. We provide a full range of day training services, pre-vocational programming and supported employment for the clients of our sister organization Community Living Concepts as well as other service providers and offer a vocational training for high school transition students as well.

Bumblebee-Bee~ing our best!

Several years ago our sister agencies decided it would be helpful to develop a “mascot” that would assist us in telling the story of COI. We asked volunteers, staff and families to “suggest” what they feel would best represent us. The nominations were many, but the “BumbleeBee” won because of the story behind the bee.

Science tells us that with their weight wing span and movement bumblebees should not be able to fly. But someone forgot to tell the bee and fly he does! We work every day to help our clients reach their goals even though many times there are some who might say that it’s not possible.

Our 7ft. tall mascot Bud E. Bee represents our efforts to assist our clients in bee~ing their best. We also use our award program to “surprise” employees, volunteers and community leaders/businesses who go above and beyond to support the people we serve.


We work daily to make a difference in the lives of a special population, while always serving as advocates for their rights and abilities. Check out our programs page for more detailed information.


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