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First United Methodist Church of Grandview

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Word on the street: (UNCONFIRMED!) But rumor is circulating, Grandview FUMC Men's group is having a PARKING LOT SALE at the church during the FABULOUS AAT FESTIVAL.

Business Information
300 S. 4th St.
Grandview, Texas 76050
Point of Contact: Volunteers Working This Fundraiser

TRUE STORY: One time a lady came into Pop & Gran's Antiques, downtown Grandview.

She exclaimed "I LOVE ANTIQUE ALLEY!"

Of course, we asked . . . . . why?

She said I was at Watt's Chapel Methodist outside of Grandview on Hwy. 4 and purchased a DONATED (for church fundraiser) crazy quilt.

The lady gave $50 bucks for it & said she was going PUT IT IN HER SHOP in Plano, TX and would make a NICE profit.


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