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Heartland Dreamcatchers & Luckie Key Co.

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Located at Cohen's Corner.

Business Information
2100 E FM 4
Cleburne, Texas 76031
Point of Contact: Heather and Felicity

Reduex Revival featuring artists, Heather Skinner and Felicity Merkel!

Heather also has a Facebook page. To see more of her creations, visit @Heartland Dreamcatchers.

Here you'll find custom Boho/native/boutique dreamcatchers including custom vintage jewelry, repurposed & rehabbed furniture and home d├ęcor accessories.

Felicity also has an Etsy store. Visit her shop at

Heather says:

"The doilies all come from local antique malls in the area. Felicity & I LOVE to repurpose things or refurbish them so that others can appreciate their "story". Everything has a story, if you listen. Many ppl overlook doilies as something their grandparents used to have all over the house but they really don't know what to do with them. I'v always loved dreamcatchers since I was little. My grandmother had one hanging in the guest room. But 2 years ago, my family & I took an RV trip up through Taos & Sante Fe. I fell in love all over again! I thought, I can do that... but differently. So, I bought some supplies & went to town. I use glass beads, vintage lace, antique doilies, and just about anything I can wrap to make a dreamcatcher. Before I knew it, ppl were ordering them & appreciating things they never even had an eye for before. It's a wonderful feeling!"


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