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Otis & Norma Hale are Grandview icons. They always have a great collection of their latest wood crafts, furniture, rescues & repurposed stuff including antiques found here at Antique Alley Junction.

Point of Contact: Otis & Norma Hale

Mr. Hale is a talented artist. He has an eye for using old tractor seats, vintage wood, furniture and the like. He refurbishes items that have long since out-lived their original purpose and finds new and interesting uses for these items. Otis makes picture frames and crafts other woodworking projects. He whittles and carves hand crafted pen & pencil sets.

The Hale's are talented, creative artists. They keep threatening to retire but so far, it looks like we'll see them again at Antique Alley Junction in downtown Grandview.

They usually bring a flat bed trailer loaded with antiques, collectibles plus (Mrs. Hale) Norma's artwork and paintings. She is very creative and her items are 'one-of-kind'. Discriminating "re-purposers" and "antiquers" will definitely want to stop by for a look.

The Hale's are a local family with deep roots in Grandview. Otis Hale's ancestors helped to settle this country, organize the Church of Christ of Grandview and have been participating in Antique Alley since the beginning in 1999! Be sure to stop by their booth to see what they've created for this show - one never knows what treasure Otis and Norma have rescued or what they will create next!

Otis & Norma always look forward to visiting with their return customers who've shopped with them since 1999.

OH! We forgot to mention - they super-duper REASONABLE prices on EVERYTHING!
. . . . . . . . .WE LOVE THE HALES.


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