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Top Ten Reasons - Pop & Gran's Antiques Girls Don't Show Up for Work!

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TOP 10 REASONS WE DON'T KEEP REGULAR HOURS AT Pop & Gran's Antiques and More:

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300 E. Criner Street
Grandview, Texas 76050
Business: 817.240.4948                      Fax:
Point of Contact: Nita & Lisa

We've decided to post this listing again because we love the memories it brings us. These are reasons why we can't seem to keep regular hours at our little antique shop, Pop & Gran's Antiques, located in downtown Grandview.

You've heard the saying . . . . "if the fish are bitin' or the cows are out or the grandbabies are visitin', we won't show up for work!"

Folks give us a pretty hard time because our store hours at Pop & Gran's Antiques and More are so not regular! We do apologize for this inconvenience; but we are pulled back like magnets to other things in our life!

So here goes: just take a look at the pics and you'll see what keeps us so 'other-wise engaged'! We have a "lot of irons in the fire" right here at the Red Hill Ranch! Some of these photos are a bit dated but they are favorites in our collection.

Call us or email us to make arrangements to come peruse the contents in our little shop! We like all kinds of stuff, so there is no telling what you might find in Pop & Gran's. Dolls creep me out, but sometimes Nita Sue brings one in just to watch me cringe!

Feel free to give us a call and set a time to come and browse our little shop. We love to make stuff and repurpose junk.

Buddy and Tootie were retired rodeo horses. They've both passed to their heavenly meadow now. We used to ride them around our property checking the fence and things like that. Buddy was always a gentleman; he always let Tootie feed first, then him. She however, earned her name - she was quite a tooter!

Incidentally. . . . I had a 2nd cousin who was nicknamed "Tooter." She never would tell me how old she was (but she was VERY OLD when I made her acquaintance). She was the baby of her family and quite an "accident" (her Mother was over 40 when she became pregnant). Tooter's only sister was already 16 when she came into the world.

Tooter naturally became the "son" Great Uncle Jim always wished for. When Tooter was five years old, Uncle Jim welded her a seat right next to his big tractor seat. She rode up and down, next to her daddy as he plowed his fields.

I asked her how she got her famous nickname. She said Uncle Jim taught her how to roll his cigarettes so he didn't have to stop plowing or seeding to get a smoke. He would yell over the loud tractor motor. . . . "ROLL ME ONE, TOOTER!"


Oh, the wonderful memories. . . .

Nita was so EXCITED when they were digging out the front water tank. Our nephew Jason stocked it with fish so his newborn son would have a great fishing hole! Great Aunt Lisa (a.k.a., "Weezer") and the lovely Aunt Carla loved meeting baby Miller for the first time.

Nita Sue loves to go fishing! This big bass was compliments of our friend Julie who has access to one of the best fishin' holes in Johnson County! Thanks Julie, we had a great time!

I've posted three photos of baby Jack. He was born at 6 o'clock one cold February evening, right before dusk, just before an impending ice storm. The first photo was taken just moments after he emerged into this world.

The second photo was taken the next morning just after the sun came out and melted the ice. Jack is very smart but can be a tooter like his mother! Then there's a shot with Jack and his mom! Jack is ten years old now.

These are just a few of our favorite photos.


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